I Kailash Parekh believe in today's globalization which involves a mix culture and teachers have the responsibility to promote cultural exchange and teach our children about world, different countries and cultures. I take up as a leading role to keep company with the children , enrich their world and also nurture good character among them so that they can face the challenges in the future optimistically.



I Mrs. Anandeshwari Devpal Nair believe every child is as a flowering bud. I have to help them to open their petals widely and spread the smell of the flower




I Deepa Das's work experience teaches me that education is not only about transfering knowledge but more importantly the process of raising children with ethics, merits, humanity and love for life.I am passionate about education in all ways and I hope my dedication can help every child grow happily.I take great pride and pleasure when I see my students make progress in their learning journey.


I Sushma Khedia believe that I have the opportunity to change student's lives and future everyday through my knowledge and this will lead to change the world.



I Soma Biswas as a teacher want to pass my knowledge to the students. I want to give them clear understanding of the concept.



I Manisha Bharwani believe that I should always provide them the atmosphere in which they can learn.




I Hemlata Tarone is honoured that I am a part of child's early learning developement and excited about learning journey together. I always look forward to working with our parents, to teach our children how to persevere and face difficulties in life. I also want to develop potential so that they can express their own opinions and nurture their own ideas. 


I Vaidehi Acharya as a language teacher want my children to learn the importance of different language and master in them.




I Vandana Babani believe that all children are unique and they must have a educational environment, where they can grow physically,mentally and emotionally, where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks.



Sonal Shukla believe that teaching is to know, understand and develop student and for that teacher must constantly learn about new methods and strategies of education.



Gayatri Chakraborty believe that seeking the position of a primary teacher in your organization help me to pass on my knowledge to the students in an innovative manner.



Shiwani Vasu believe that teaching is a process of continous learning.It is a life long process where we learn new strategies and new ideas.



Pratima Barot as a language teacher want my children to be proficient in gujarati language and hence will continue to pass my knowledge to them.



Priti Maiti as an art teacher like to create confidence in my students through collaboration. Opinions are valued. Not only do my students develop an understanding of themselves but they also learn to appreciate others viewpoints. My teaching style allows for curiosity, personal expression, technique and process development.



Nomi Maiti believe that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential. I will provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks.



Priti Vasvani believe that every child deserves a champion — an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be. 




I Ajeeta Vala believe in learning process. Education means give and take relation. Learning is endless.




I Usha Sharma think that teaching can be done well if there is interaction between a teacher and students. Every subject should be made easier and interesting for the children.



I Usha Makwana is dedicated to the social and emotional development of each child and make it my goal to make sure that each child receive the best care and love that they all desire.



I Seema Khosla believe that for education, students & teachers bonding should be there. It should be interesting for them and  concept should be made clear.



I Neeta Aswani believe that work experience is to demonstrate and develop key skills like innovations,communication.Even expanding my skill range which contributes to the growth and profitability of the institution and also to inculcate moral values in student's life.


I Yashoda Punjabi believe that the teachers are engaged in imparting knowledge and inculcating culture. 




I Dipa Shah strongly believe that creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive world in new ways and so I would like to lead the students to find hidden talents in Art and creativity and to embrace the originality in it.



I Kinjal Bosamiya strongly believe in the benefits of learning through play and in the importance of helping our children to experience joy and satisfaction in learning. I want to help children to develop their potential and assist them in discovering who they are.


I Dixeeta Malaviya always try to open up student's horizon through perse learning topics which help to build their confidence in learning a new language . I want to make the class most entertaining. If I get a smile from the kids at the end of the class then I take this as bonus.


I Jasdeep Kaur Khanduja believe that children should be encouraged to aim high and guided to do their best in everything they do, so they can achieve full potential. The motto is " challenge to vision learn to shine".




I Divya S. Pillai believe that classroom isn't the only place where a kid learns. Today, the world needs more honest, kind and compassionate people. If I could help my students be independent enough to make their own informed choices towards life, I will consider my work done.



I Sudeshna Ghorui believe that  there is no greater power than the power of education. Education is a never ending journey taking us towards constant betterment of self as well as the world around us. It is about being persistent, being perseverent towards every challenge that we face and of hope and faith in ourselves. With my knowledge and my consistent efforts and commitment, I hope I can help every child in his/her journey of learning.


I Deepa Viswam believe that teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow forever. So I have to nourish the dreams of the students with colours of hope and beliefs and prepare them for their life in this world with wisdom.




 I R.H.Yadav believe that in school every child understand my teaching technique and they are fully satisfied. They should enjoy my simple to complex method of teaching and reply back everything too,vice versa. They give me very good respect.



I Devi Kodvani believe that in classroom each & every student understand my teaching technique. They are satisfied with my method of teaching and learn at home if do not understand next day ask me too. Sometimes I have to go the level of the perticular child and try to make their concept clear.



I Vinod Meena believe explain my subject Hindi easy to understand all the students of my class. I teach them since 1991 to 2018, give me a good and attractive result. They are completely satisfied with my method of teaching.