Art integration as “An approach to teaching, in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through art.” Research shows that one of the best ways to engage students in content learning is to incorporate the arts. A month long program conducted once a year by inviting artists and experts. It not only gives a hobby to the kids but also a platform to connect to their learning. This initiative gives students a platform to hone their skills, language, innovation and also a platform to showcase their work to a larger audience outside school.  


So far the kids have worked with  Bhairavi Modi a well known artist.

1) Art of Vision - Surrealistic Art

   2) Tribal wall Art - Mud and Mirror work

  Art Integration is a creative way to integrate creative art with modern day learning. 

 Art integration is a month long program conducted once a year by inviting an expert and the art created by students is displayed in galleries for their moral upliftment.